This site was created by a pilonidal cyst sufferer in order to help other victims of this affliction. Below is a little about the author and why he believes pilonidal cyst home treatment really can help you to avoid having to go through the pain of surgery.

My experience was probably fairly standard for sufferers. It started off with a small lump on my coccyx; needless to say I simply thought it was a spot. A few weeks later, and I knew it was so much more.

It started because I had been sitting on a very uncomfortable sofa for months on end. The sofa was hard, too small, and in the end my buttocks had probably had enough. Thus, out popped the cyst, and boy did I learn my lesson.

I couldn’t walk or stand still; I couldn’t sit; I couldn’t lay down; in essence, I couldn’t do anything without experiencing severe pain. The cyst constantly grew larger and larger, filling with more pus each and every day.

Eventually it got to the point where it just wasn’t going away. I hadn’t done anything to treat it, so I headed to the doctor to find out more information on what this huge spot on my coccyx could be. The doctor sympathized with me, and prescribed me strong antibiotics. Had they been taken earlier this is a large chance the pilonidal cyst would have simply disappeared, however it was simply too late.

In much pain and much annoyance, I eventually decided to go to the hospital and request surgery. After waiting for almost 12 hours just to be given a bed, and then told they would try and fit me in within the next day or two, I left. This was, surprisingly, using the UK health system, the NHS.

What also put me off was the pilonidal cyst surgery and recovery time. The doctor had explained that it could be quite a significant and long-lasting surgery, and this factored in my decision to leave the hospital and grin and bear it.

That night I went home and had a hot bath, as I had been doing for weeks on end. And, that very night, the pilonidal cyst popped and drained itself out in the bath. I had ended the agony without surgery, and using only home treatment.

After this I became fascinated with using treatments from home to cure pilonidal cysts. Thus, this is how pilonidalcysthometreatment.org was born, and I hope it helps you out in one way or another.